Commitment to Excellence -

All points based on infromation from 10/1/2020 to 9/30/2021


Category Current Points/Possible Points
Get Certified!
0/10 points
Better Business Bureau Rank
Score updated periodically - final score by 9/30/2021
0/10 points (B or lower)
In-House Service Technician 0/5 points
Customer Survey Results 0/15 points
Factory Sales Training 0/10 points
Online Sales Training 0/10 points
Total Points 0/60 points

Customer Survey Breakdown

Survey Question Current Average/Possible Total
Dealer Overall Experience 0/5 points
Dealer Purchasing Process 0/5 points
Likely To Recommend Dealer 0/5 points
Salesperson Satisfaction 0/5 points
Delivery Process 0/5 points
Post Delivery 0/5 points